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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 2, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this monday night. breaking news. the massive storm hitting 23 states. 100 million americans, and the new worries tonight. the dangerous pileup in chicago. drivers trapped for miles. the explosion in new york. we're in detroit and boston. snow for the record books. and what's coming tomorrow. meantime the scare in atlanta. interstates shut down drivers stuck in their cars. breaking now. the new and concerning numbers coming in on measles. and the new and urgent warning from the cdc tonight. late details on whitney houston's daughter and what happened in that bathtub. and the super stunner. was this really the worst play call in super bowl history? jesse palmer standing by. will you agree with him? good evening.
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and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with the deadly storm, from nebraska all the way to maine. still hitting at this hour. and tonight, into tomorrow another threat. sub zero cold turning everything into ice. in chicago tonight, they're now calling this their fifth biggest storm ever. this massive pileup there. in detroit, their third largest snowstorm ever. and in boston they've postponed the patriots celebration, hit again tonight, just dales after their historic blizzard. here in new york they are blaming this explosion on weather. that a manhole there. the salt the melting snow shorting out the electrical system. the massive storm across nearly two dozen states and moving quickly this evening. we have team coverage ginger zee on what's coming tomorrow. but first, abc's gio benitez from detroit tonight. gio? >> reporter: david, good evening to you. if you want to know how much snow has fallen here just look at this. a mountain of snow three stories high all of it collected from the detroit airport's runway as more and more trucks keep piling it on.
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if the midwest tries to figure out what to do with it all. tonight, the record-breaking snow with near blizzard conditions in the midwest, causing a mess on the roads. take a look at this massive pileup. dozens and dozens of cars crashing near chicago on the tri-state tollway. amazingly, only minor injuries. 19 inches of snow making this chicago's fifth snowiest storm ever. >> as you know, this has been a snowstorm for the record books and we're seeing a record response, as well. >> reporter: miles away in toledo, ohio, the storm pummeling the area, sparking a snow emergency. and the city's mayor is in critical condition after checking on road conditions suffering cardiac arrest and crashing on those snowy roads. good samaritans rushing to help without even realizing it was the mayor. >> i was banging on the window banging on the window. he wouldn't respond. 911 said we need to break the window and get him out. >> reporter: we made the drive to detroit from toledo. nearly 17 inches of snow making it the third snowiest storm ever
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here. we're just making our way into detroit, but you can see the roads not exactly clear. but the airport here hasn't seen more than a foot of snow in more than ten years. take a look at these incredible shots from above. and nearby in warren, michigan, fire hydrants covered in snow. and a postman giving our cameras a thumbs up. only to get stuck in the snow himself. and back here at that mountain of snow here at the detroit airport, you might be wondering, when will all of this melt? well last year's pile didn't melt until the end of may, david. >> just incredible. gio, thank you. as i mentioned, late word the victory parade in boston postponed until wednesday. and along the new england coast tonight, this storm has been deadly. meteorologist rob marciano there last week back there tonight. rob? >>orter: david, it has been blow egg and snowing all day long here. and the waves have been pounding this shoreline, throwing even more sea spray up and covering these damaged homes with more ice. this is an area still reeling from the blizzard less than a week ago.
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the last thing they needed was another big one. tonight, that massive storm pummeling the northeast. in rye, new york two people were killed on ice-covered roads. and in new york city salt and snow seeping into electrical systems, blowing this manhole cover 25 feet high. one person injured. icy tracks to blame for stranding this busy subway line. commuters stranded for hours. for the city of boston it's been the snowiest week ever. >> try a take public transportation. >> reporter: diane has been plowing streets around the clock. >> it's really tough. hard to keep up with it. just coming down too fast. >> reporter: along the massachusetts coast, high winds and waves continue to batter the already badly damaged homes in marshfield. this is a navigational bell buoy. it weighs over 14,000 pounds. it's supposed to be a half mile
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offshore. but the storms have been so violent this week it rippled it right off its mooring. back in boston remember stephanie turner? we dug her out after last week's storm. we found her reliving that moment stuck again on groundhog day. on her way to work after a little help. david, clearly this storm has been punishing new england. these winds will subside some what tonight, but the temperature's already dropped and another cold shot coming in towards the end of the week. this has just been a brutal stretch stretch of winter. david? >> rob, thank you. more than 6,000 flights canceled coast to coast tonight. and in phoenix, as so many fans try to goat home from the super bowl, many camping out in the airport. while in chicago, a line of cots for stranded travel earls there. in laguardia here in new york a line snaking through the airport and tonight, the new concern. how to keep up with the ice and the runways. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: talk about groundhog day. from chicago to the northeast, airports socked in again. crews scrambling to stay ahead
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of the snowfall, and keep runways clear. already this storm has led to more than 6,000 flight cancellations. 4,000 today alone. we talk about the ripple effect. well take a look at phoenix airport, expected to have one of its busiest days as super bowl fans go home. but new englanders are facing canceled flights, stuck. the same problem for a pilot in phoenix. his jet's wheel stuck in the mud. the boards tell the story. canceled which we heard from many passengers in line. >> we booked tomorrow morning. >> reporter: tomorrow morning? you lost a whole day? >> yeah. trying to get out. >> reporter: delayed, cab sellncelled? think you're going to make it? >> no. no, we're not. i know i'm going to spend the night here. >> reporter: the concern? cold air comes in behind today's snow. freezing all that moisture on the runways. the fear is that we'll see scenes like this from last week with aircraft sliding off pavement. >> that is the real fear tonight. david kerley back with us live. how are they going to keep us
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with this with colder air coming? >> reporter: well piling everything as quickly as they can. we saw trucks with spray arms going up and down laying down chemicals. they also take vehicles out and break on the runways to make sure they're safe. ice can be a dangerous problem here at an airport. david? >> ginger zee here now with where the storm is right now. and the concern coming tomorrow. >> reporter: right. that arctic air is not just creeping but racing in david. than's what concerns me. this storm, a couple more hours left with this beast. we're going to push it out of here. maine even clears it after 1:00 a.m. and then it's windy and frigid behind. you put those two things together the temperature and the wind and you're going to have wind chills. sub zero from cleveland to syracuse back to international falls. it will feel like 1 in new york still and 9 below in boston as we start tomorrow morning. like you said you take that wet pavement even delaware washington, d.c. freeze it and that's going to be a problem tomorrow
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>> already, ginger zee, thank you. and there is one more weather headline. a much different and dire headline from the west. drought tonight making headlines yet again. and san francisco no measurable rain in the entire month of january. the first time in 165 years, since they started keeping records during the gold rush. now, to atlanta tonight. and a nightmare for come muters. a main interstate right through downtown atlanta, empty. you never see this during the day in. but today, it did had, amid fears of a bomb. drivers stuck in their cars total grid lock. abc's steve 0 sun sam milion what they were concerned about. >> reporter: given the daily headache that is, always, atlanta traffic -- >> the downtown connector is blocked. >> reporter: this picture is unbelievable. >> no traffic getting by in either direction. >> reporter: a suspicious package on this downtown highway overpass forced police to close down the city's busiest and most important highway, right before rush hour.
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traffic jams stretching for miles. people stuck in their offices downtown. the highway, interstate 75/85, cuts through the center of town. >> you can't go downtown. there's no place to turn right there's no place to turn left. >> reporter: it was just over a year ago, two inches of snow shut the city down. people spent the whole night trapped in traffic. today, police used a robot and sent bomb techs to blow up the suspicious device. police say whatever they blew up that caused all this appears benign but they're still investigating. but the damage to the come mute home already done. steve osunsami abc news, atlanta. >> steve, thank you. now, to a developing story late today. a new and urgent warning. the american academy of bee pediatrics calling for parents to vaccinate their children. new numbers coming in. 102 people across 14 states 18 new cases in just the past week. the white house saying the science is clear. president obama telling parents to get their children
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vaccinated. tonight, new jersey governor chris christie at first saying vaccination is a parent's choice. tonight, walking that back a bit, saying quote, there is no question kids should be vaccinated. so let's get right to abc's dr. richard besser who has been with us on this measles outbreak every step of the way. you've been saying get the vaccination. >> reporter: i have. this is an incredible effective vaccine. when you vaccinate you child, you provide protect to your child, and little babies people with cancer. they rely on that protect. >> count on the second wave of people that are affected. >> reporter: that's right. we're going to see this outbreak continue to spread if people don't vaccinate. we're going to see other outbreaks come. we know how to solve this. we have to get on it. >> dr. besser with us again tonight, thank you. we're going to turn now to the super bowl. more than 114 million tuning in. and millions weighing in. every pop of light there, a tweet, more than 25 million tweets during the game.
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265 million posts on facebook. the game the tale of two amazing plays and one really bad play call. tonight, how seattle's coach is defending those final moments. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: in a super bowl clash of the titans today, all eyes on two unforgettable catches, the first, with just over a minute to go. the seattle seahawks trailing by four now watch wide receiver jermaine kearse. watch again. kearse goes up tips the ball bobbling it one, two, three, four five times before making the catch of a lifetime. patriots quarterback tom brady, dumbfounded. but then -- just 30 seconds later, with the game on the line a game-changing interception by rookie malcolm butler waning it for the patriots and breaking the hearts of the seahawk faithful. richard sherman's face saying it all. today, scorn for the seahawks coach pete carroll for calling that play. >> that's a play that's supposed to work versus the two guys
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covering one-on-one. >> reporter: and that guy? malcolm butler who once worked at this mississippi pop eyes -- >> we're going to disneyland! >> reporter: well he's celebrating tonight, and getting some love from the super bowl mvp. >> it was the perfect play at the perfect time. proud of him. proud of our team. and, you know, it's a great victory. >> we were all watching that fight last night, thinking is this how it's all going to end? but there were some redeeming moments. >> reporter: richard sherman, after the game they was one of the first seahawks to walk up to brady and shake his hand. >> ryan smith, thank you. and before we move on from the super bowl tonight, one more question about that moment that call. let's get right to our colleague, espn's jesse palmer former quarterback in the nfl himself. he's in phoenix for us. folks still stunned over this moment. you have marshawn lynch, seattle, 36 inches from another super bowl victory. instead, they attempt to pass. rookie malcolm butler intercepting it. so bottom line tonight, jesse, is this the worst play call in super bowl history? >> you know david, a lot of
6:43 pm
super bowls played before i was born but that was the worst play call i've ever seen in a super bowl. on the 1 yard line. a time-out in your back pocket. you've got marshawn lynch, arguably the best short yardage goal line running back in the entire nfl. you have to hand that football off. no doubt about it. that is a play call that is going to haunt him for a very long time. >> we talked a lot these last couple weeks about tom brady and deflate gate. did he prove anything last night? >> i think tom brady at least proved he's one of the two all-time great quarterbacks in the nfl. it's debatable if it's him or joe montana. that performance was the best super bowl game i've seen him play. in his accuracy was outstanding. his poise was uncanny. he delivered in the critical moments. that was his fourth game-winning drive in a super bowl. as a former quarterback, david, i marvel when i watch him take the people. >> jesse, good luck.
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i know you are headed to the airport to come back east. it is not pretty. >> thanks. >> safe trip back indeed. jesse, thank you. and now to washington tonight. president obama unveiling his $4 trillion budget today. the spending plan includes tax hikes for the wealthy, tax credits for the middle class. more money for the military. republicans angry tonight about the tax increases up to $2 trillion worth. tonight, to something else. millions of americans were watching this weekend, other than the super bowl. the movie "american sniper." tops again this weekend. and this evening in texas, they are remembering him. as we now hear from his widow on the one thing he said she never understood. here's abc's byron pitts. >> reporter: today, in texas, it was officially declared chris kyle dade. come men rating the real american sniper. his wife speaking out. >> he was just incredible. >> reporter: portrayed by sienna miller in the movie that's made $250 million at the box office. taya wants the world to know theirs is not just the story about war --
6:45 pm
>> babe, come home, okay? we miss you. >> okay. >> reporter: it's always a story about love telling "people" magazine quote, we were made for each other. he wrote all of me in my wedding ring and mine to him says, my love my life. but after four deploy its to iraq she says quote, we had our moments where i felt like we were less important than the military. and he felt like i didn't understand his sense of duty. duty and family something actor bradley cooper told me he wanted to portray accurately. >> i had hours and hours and hours of endless footage of him, because taya wanted to make sure their two children you know would at least see their father. >> reporter: a complex man whose wife wants you to know also had a lighter side. >> even though he was going through all of that we found a way to laugh. >> byron pitts, our thanks to
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you, honoring chris kyle in texas and across the country tonight. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. developing news about whitney houston's daughter. the new headline this evening about bobbi kristina brown and what happened in the bathtub. and then look at this. the beauty pageant that turned ugly with so many watching. the runner up ripping the crown off the winner. why did she do it? and the headline coming in tonight about an nfl star reportedly going into rehab. what we've learned, when we come back. changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual bleeding breast or uterine cancer blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant.
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6:49 pm
brown, reportedly needing a ventilator to help her breathe. >> 21-year-old female in the bathtub, face down. >> reporter: this weekend, bobbi kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub. the incident report revealing a call about a drowning. circumstances tragically similar lawyer to those surrounding her mother's death, almost three years ago to the day. when houston was also found unresponsive in a bathtub at the beverly hilton. a scene bobbi kristina witnessed first hand. she told oprah in 2012 she still felt houston's presence. >> i can hear her voice, you know and spirit talking to me and telling me you know keep moving, baby you know i'm right here i got you. >> reporter: a mother's love needed now -- ♪ i love to youok to you ♪ >> reporter: more than ever. mara key scam poe, abc news, new york. when we come back here tonight, it wasn't just katy perry. the dancer who stole the show. do you know what we're talking
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imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. to the index tonight and that headline this evening from cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel. revealing he's in rehab. there's no word on what he's receiving treatment for. manziel saying tonight, there are areas of his life he needs to improve on and we wish him well. and miss congeniality he's not. watch this the runner up at this beauty pageant in brazil ripping the crown off the winner's head. she claimed the winner paid for that prize. and katy perry, with her halftime show dazzling much of the country. but one of her backup dancers, the left shark, as he's being called today, not quite keeping up with the dance moves. and perry's surprise ges making headlines on this day after. we all loved seeing missy elliott last night.
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finally tonight here the super bowl ads. every year we talk about the funniest and the ones that didn't work. but this year something different. the one that made us think. >> i'm 100 years old and i want to tell the world what i have learned. >> live for now. >> reporter: it was the ad that stopped us last night. every face about to reach the 100 mark. some already there. >> there are miracles all around you. >> stay young. >> alsoways tell the truth. >> keep your eyes open and sometimes, your mouth shut. >> reporter: fred wild bosh in 1914 about to take a joy ride. dodge, turning 100, too. >> tell it like it. >> is hesitate and you lose. >> put the pedal to the metal. >> live fast.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: dodge telling us tonight they found these american each with their own story. one fought in the battle of the bulge. another tried out for a role in "casablanca." there are 55,000 centenarians in the u.s. and we salute them. it turns out connie once had a dodge, in 1930. remember what she said. >> live fast. >> reporter: and one more lesson. >> and never, ever forget where you came from. >> reporter: you learn a lot in 100 years. never forget where you came from. thank you for watching on a monday night. and i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. have a good evening. good night.
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